Monday Must-Reads

I tend to collect links as I go through my Triberr feed, so I figured why not share them with people who might find them interesting, too? Plus, there are several other opportunities going on this week you should totally take advantage of! CALLING CREATIVE TYPES OF ALL SORTS: Alex S Brown and I are … More Monday Must-Reads

Fun stuff round up!

I wanted to touch on a few new releases, titles of note, upcoming things today. It’s always fun to see what everyone is up to, and I know some insanely talented people. Alex is one of my favorite people. We co-host our eps of Star Chamber together, we’re looking at developing panels together,we enjoy similar … More Fun stuff round up!

Project: Plush Hooded Figure (Welcome to Night Vale)

The hooded figure that accompanied us to the Welcome to Night Vale live show was actually a Christmas present I’d made for my friend this past year. It’s ever proof that with some fleece, reference pictures, and imagination, you can really do anything. I ended up using fleece from Jo-Ann’s to do both the body … More Project: Plush Hooded Figure (Welcome to Night Vale)