Project: Plush Hooded Figure (Welcome to Night Vale)

The hooded figure that accompanied us to the Welcome to Night Vale live show was actually a Christmas present I’d made for my friend this past year. It’s ever proof that with some fleece, reference pictures, and imagination, you can really do anything.


I ended up using fleece from Jo-Ann’s to do both the body and the cloak for the figure – I really love the way it lays, the fact that it’s durable, and it gives drapey things a little bit of body. I got the idea for this from seeing different crochet hooded figures. Originally I was going to try to knit one, but i just couldn’t get myself motivated, and I’m fairly good with building plushies if I’m in the mood and can clearly see what shapes I’m working with (or have enough material to make mistakes and fuss around with).

I quickly settled on purple for the robe because, hi, Night Vale, and I saw a few images with a figure with that creepy grin, and of course I wanted to incorporate that. Basically, all this really involved was making a tube with a circular base, making a circle for the head, making little arms that ended in mitten hands, stuffing and putting all of that together, then designing a cloak and hood that snugly fit over him. I think it took me a couple goes to get the body shape right and the head proportionate, but it didn’t take less than four hours, tops, start to finish. I hand-stitched felt on for the grin, and tacked the sleeves and hood in place. With fleece you don’t necessarily have to hem the edges, but I’m anal-retentive, so I wanted it to have a polished look.


She almost didn’t get it for Christmas because I had way too much fun creeping people out by putting him under chairs, next to table legs, the works. Unfortunately, I don’t have pics of those hijinks, but I’ve made up for that with other things since then…

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