Contact Selah

Writing: If you want to talk about me doing a guest post, interview, or other writing/art based thing for you, feel free to hit me via the form below.

Guest Posts and Reviews: I currently take guest posts based on needs and general ability. I typically scout these out within the group or author/artist circles I frequent. Currently, any SJ reads titles I do on this blog are based on my library habits and tend to be mass market titles to avoid conflicts of interest. I focus on YA graphic novels and manga for my columns. If you’re an author/publisher of those and want to talk, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, any other comic titles I’ve reviewed have been provided to me from places like Darkhorse Comics or Action Lab via the review sites those are published on.

Costumes: I currently don’t use this site for my professional resume and portfolio (please don’t judge me just based on my dorky craft projects – an update on this end is in the works). I’m not taking any new personal commissions for 2018. Businesses and production companies get preference at this time. Feel free to contact via the form for additional information.