Monday Must-Reads

I tend to collect links as I go through my Triberr feed, so I figured why not share them with people who might find them interesting, too? Plus, there are several other opportunities going on this week you should totally take advantage of!


Alex S Brown and I are hosting The Star Chamber Show this week (Wed, July 15 9pm EST) and we’re going deep. We’ll be talking about what it means to be an author, the creative process, and some other stuff. This is a trial run for a panel we’ll be doing at Imaginarium, and hopefully something that will lead to future collaborations, since talking art is something we’re both extremely passionate about. Our intent is to see just how in depth we can get, in hopes of inspiring people and giving some insight to what it actually means to work in the creative field. So, is there anything YOU want to know? Any topic you want covered? Lay it on me in the comments, and if we can’t work it into the show (we’re blind to the other’s questions for each other), I’ll do my best to answer them here in a post.

Also, I’d eventually like to bring in people for interviews here on the blog, so if you’re an artist, an actor, or use some undefinable creative, artistic skill in your work, let me know and I may hit you up for a short interview.


If you’re looking to get on book tours, I’ve got some excellent opportunities for you! Seventh Star Press is looking for hosts for two upcoming tours:

Silver Tongue by AshleyRose Sullivan (alt history, Aug 31-Sept 6)

Blue Spirit by E Chris Garrison (paranormal/contemporary fantasy, Aug 24-Aug 30)


Childhood Inspirations – Recent roundtable at Sean Taylor’s blog that I was lucky enough to be a part of. We’re talking about what we read as kids and if it’s still relevant, plus the importance of reading when you’re young

Avoiding Fantasy Fatigue by Philip Overby – This is a fabulous post that really resonates with me. Mythic Scribes is a fabulous resource for writers, anyway, but this post is especially good (and honest).

Change the “you know this author” policy – The Masquerade Crew is always good about pointing out changes in marketing for authors, and this post brings to light a disturbing trend on amazon. Check it out and see what you think.

7 Unusual Ways Female Entrepreneurs Can Conquer Self Doubt – I’ve started reading a lot on She Owns It, and I found the tips in this article good for creative types, and really, for all sorts of types. A lot resonates with me, and it’s just good advice in general.

Promote Your Business on Facebook – Eight Actionable Ideas – although I have mixed feelings about FB’s marketing possibilities, I will admit that this is a good, effective list of tips that are worth keeping in mind.

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