Hear my Melodious Voice This Saturday, 2/1/14!

So I’m still alive…

I’ve been nose-deep in working on a book and a few other things I’ll talk about a bit later, but for right now, I wanted to invite everyone to catch up with me Saturday night, 7pm EST!

I’m the first guest on the Drea and Milana Show! We’ll be talking books, horror and fantasy, and all things weird <g>. It’s gonna be a fun time, so join me there!

You’re invited to listen in, log into the chat on blog talk radio, or even call into the guest line! No worries if you have trouble listening from a computer, you can listen in on the guest line without taking part in the actual show. 🙂 

 guest line  (646) 478-5915

I adore Drea and I’ve heard great things about the show,  so who knows what sort of hijinks will develop?

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