I try to get around to the amazing bloggers and writing sites out there. Here’s a collection of my guest posts and interviews. Check out what I have to say and be sure to explore all the wonderful blogs I’ve visited!

NOTE: I know I’ve skipped/missed some stuff along the way, so apologies there. If you see a guest post I’ve done and want to hit me with the link, go for it! All flash pieces/etc will be put on the free reads page. Current projects are under the books page. Everything Olde School and Kingdom City has its own page.


Hold Onto the Light Posts:

Open Doors

Empathy and the Strong Ones


YA Graphic Novel Reviews on Books by Violet: 

The Adventures of Superhero Girl, Smile, Level Up, Through the Woods, Courtney Crumrin, Americus, Anya’s Ghost Ghostopolis, Baba Yaga’s Assistant, Natsume’s Book of Friends, Crogan’s Adventures  Little Fish, Baby & Me, Ghosts, A Very Babymouse Christmas, Monster Christmas, Pilot & Huxley, A Very Ninja Christmas, Rapunzel’s Revenge, The Last Dragon, Wires and Nerve, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller

American Born Chinese, The Best We Could Do, Spinning, I Am Alfonso Jones, Pashmina, Persepolis, Maus, The Arrival, All’s Faire in Middle School, Invisible Emmie

Selah’s Manga Mania on I Smell Sheep:

Intro to Manga, Fruits Basket,

Saturn Apartments  Baby & Me Petshop of Horrors, Natsume’s Book of Friends, Sweet Rein, 20th Century Boys, Black Butler  Alice in Murderland, Tomie, Yona of the DawnBoys Over Flowers, Ouran High Host Club, The Demon Prince of Momichi House, Black Bird, Sweetness & Lightning, The Royal Tutor

Comic Reviews on I Smell Sheep:

Dark Horse Presents #15 That Damned Band (1-4) Dead Vengeance (1-2) Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare #1      The Complete Love Hurt

Books and Writing/Creativity

Ink & Brain Monsters – podcast; Andi and I talk about being in creative fields through grief, illness, and everything else. We also touch on a lot of my interests, self care, as well as thoughts on writing and my life in costumes and design.

Bibliorati Interview

Mythic Scribe:

Writing What You Know When There’s No Way to Know It, Producing Developed Worlds in Cross Genre Fiction articles and fiction:

Growing into Grusome,  On Horror, Death, etc, 

What If’s/The Invisibles,  Sparkly Death,  Top Ten Vampires, 

Putting Some Cake Under Your Icing, Dark Fantasy/Bloodied Snow,  Sewing the Strange, 

The Need for Vampire Variety

Trick! The Moments Before, Decor

WiHM post – how the 80s made me fall in love with sparkly insanity and horror

Evolution of Evil – how the vampires in A Family Affair developed and the role of women in my vampire stories

A Knife and A Quill – Top 5 Reads for Halloween

Ali Talks Live (Chit Chat Edition) – Authors Behaving Badly, how to handle negative reviews, and reviewers vs. authors

Majk Ink – writing characters you hate

My Home Away From Home – guest post about what I’ve learned about writing/getting published  and In the Red excerpt (giveaway finished)

Sabrina’s Paranormal Palace – author takeove, guest post about where I get my ideas  (giveaway finished)

S.H. Roddey – what it’s like beta reading with a friend you’ve known way too long

Word Weavers – Writing Wednesday article

Workaday Reads – guest post on writing what you know and how that can apply to genre fiction


Everything about Me (Interviews and Random Guest Posts)

Ali Talks Live – podcast about myself and the upcoming release of In the Red

Alexx Mom Cat’s Gateway Book Blog – Interview as a Fandom Fest Panelist (with co-panelist and buddy Siobhan Kinkade!)

Autumn’s Bitchin’ Book Reviews – Interview

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – Interview

Bitten By Books – Interview (Giveaway now Finished)

Crimson Flower Reviews – Interview

Inspiration Forum – Interview

JC Martin – Interview

Jess Resides Here – Interview

Jess Resides Here – Guest Post on early influences and my imaginative tendencies

John Collins – National Book Month Interview

Juniper Grove – Interview (giveaway is closed)

Kharisma Rhayne – Halloween Interview

Kharisma Rhayne – November guest post about being thankful

Kharisma Rhayne – Holiday Interview

Kharisma Rhayne – January guest post about resolutions

Long and Short Reviews – Interview

Long and Short Reviews – Halloween Post (giveaway over)

Makayla’s Book Reviews – Interview

Masquerade Crew – Free Short ‘Released’

Seventh Star Press – Press Release announcing The Kingdom City Chronicles

Sumiko Saulson – Interview for Women in Horror Recognition Month

Word Weavers – Monday Networking Spotlight

The Writing World – Interview

Genre Stuff

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – There’s No Place Like Home – When Being Likeable Was Enough (my essay on girls in early works of fantasy)

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – From my Women in Horror Series – Crazy Chicks

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – From my Women in Horror Series – Badasses

Doreen McGettigan – Guest post talking about the angst and awesomeness that comes with being a genre geek and a girl

Fandom Scene – my column talking about gender and genre in fiction and film; updated on average twice a month (updated for 2012)

Manic Readers – Proud to be a geek

S.H. Roddey – my Valentines Day Horror Movie and Novel List

Siobhan Kinkade’s blog – Talking about vampires and why The Lost Boys is the perfect example of the modern vampire

Writing With Shelly and Chad – Why I feel so strongly about genre fiction

Roundtable Discussions

Bad Girls, Good Boys, and Two-Fisted Action – Holiday Fiction

Bad Girls, Good Boys, and Two-Fisted Action – Genre blendingj

Bad Girls, Good Boys, and Two-Fisted Action – What makes horror books scary?

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – Round table discussion on villains

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action (Sean Taylor) – Round table discussion on re-imagining characters and fandoms

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – Round table discussion on epic storylines

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – Round table discussion on urban fantasy

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – Round table discussion on character development

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two Fisted Action – Plotting vs. Pantsing

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two Fisted Action – Writing and re-writing

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – Marrying Plot and Character

Posts/Interviews About Specific Releases

(Kingdom City stuff appears on its own page)


Alexandra Christian – promoting Mooner for Wicked Little Wednesday

From Ashes to Page – guest post about vampires and Mooner

Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts – Interview and talking about Mooner

Long and Short Reviews – Review of Mooner

S.H. Roddey – Backlist Bash: Mooner

The Other Man

No Boundaries Press – Talking about Music and relationships and how they inspired The Other Man

In the Red 

Tour Page at Jitterbug PR

Press Release (by Jitterbug PR; posted courtesy of Sean Taylor’s blog)

Press release (by Imagicopter)

Facebook Page – be sure to like it for a quiz, interactive excerpt, and more!

Book Trailer – Thanks to Alexandra Christian for her fabulous work on this!

Alexandra Christian – Writing Endings

Alexandra Christian – Review

Ali’s Bookshelf – Author Interview

Breath of Life – What would you give everything up for?

Breath of Life – Review

Cabin Goddess – Interview pt. 1/3

Cabin Goddess – Interview pt. 2/3

Cabin Goddess – Interview pt. 3/3  (with recipes!)

Deborah Smith Ford – article about the mini tour for In the Red

Fandom Fanatic – guest post about music (giveaway over)

Italian Brat’s Obsession – guest post about music and Jeremiah Kensington

John Hartness – guest post about rock music trashy hijinks

L.J. Kentowski – Character Interview with J.K. Asmodeus

Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews – Another Character Interview with Jeremiah Kensington

Lisa Bilbrey – excerpt

Mich’s Book Reviews – The process of writing and expanding the book

Readers After Dark – an “article” by a minor character in the book about her impressions of J.K. Asmodeus and Sons of Pandemonium

Sarah Aisling – guest post on characters (giveaway closed)

Seventh Star Press – Character Development

Jessica Lay – Why I love fairy tales

Monique Morgan – Learning to like Jeremiah Kensington

No Boundaries Press – Talking about Hans Christian Andersen and In the Red

The Writing Adventures of a Librarian – Character interview with JK Asmodeus about his summer plans

Holly and Ivy 

All in One Place – Review

Breath of Life – Review

Cabin Goddess – Review

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