Fandom Fest Update!

We’re slowly getting there! Not only have more media/celeb guests been added, but the literary guests are finally up! Hopefully the panels and lit track selections will be up soon, because we’ve got some cool stuff planned! In the meantime, be sure to check out the literary guests – you have time to get into … More Fandom Fest Update!

Fandom Fest!

Although it’s a while until July, I want to put the word out that I am, indeed, putting in an appearance at FandomFest again this year! I had such a great time last year. The con is truly a madhouse for every glorious geek sub-genre you could hope for, and for writers  it’s a great … More Fandom Fest!

News and Updates!

I’m working like mad on edits/reworks for In the Red so this will be a short update! This is definitely one of those manuscripts that has a backstory as long as the actual story! My guest post about writing what you know and how it applies to genre fiction is up at Workaday Reads! I’ve … More News and Updates!

News and Updates!

I survived last week and I am back! I want to catch everyone up on some things I’ve had going on – these items can also always be found on my Facebook Fan Page and if you haven’t stopped by and given me a like..well…what are you waiting for? I have an interview up at … More News and Updates!

A new adventure!

I’m so excited! Not only have I been confirmed for the literary track for this year’s Fandom Fest, but the amazing Stephen Zimmer has given me the opportunity to do a column for the site’s zine, Fandom Scene. In it I’ll be delving into an issue that I’ve become passionate about over the past few … More A new adventure!