News and Updates!

I survived last week and I am back! I want to catch everyone up on some things I’ve had going on – these items can also always be found on my Facebook Fan Page and if you haven’t stopped by and given me a like..well…what are you waiting for?

I have an interview up at Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts AND for the next sixteen days there’s a giveaway for a free PDF copy of Mooner!

My bud Sean Taylor posted a lovely interview up at his site – you can check that out HERE

I’m talking at the  No Boundaries Press blog about relationships and music and how they inspired The Other Man HERE

I’m back at the weekly round table discussions at Sean Taylor’s blog – this week we’re talking about Urban Fantasy – one of my fave genres! You can find our thoughts on the matter HERE

I’ve got a new Fandom Fest article up – I’m talking about Madeline L’Engle’s characters and how they manage to balance their personal lives while facing an all-encompassing evil in a little thing I like to call Saving the World While Dating Part 1. That same article is also going to show up on Sean Taylor’s blog tomorrow because apparently everything I touch is syndicated through him 🙂

Speaking of Fandom Scene…I’m looking for examples of girls in high/epic fantasy. I know I want to touch on LOTR and I still remember bits of the Belgariad and the thing that was George Lucas’ attempt at high fantasy. I might throw Narnia in here and also Clive Barker’s Imajica since while it’s partially set in the real world I feel that the scope is so freakin’ huge it could qualify as either. Shoot me some ideas – book or movie – just keep in mind that I have limited time to cram in a whole lot these days!

I just got my swag in from multiple and sundry places…I have one or two more things to order before my future reign of terror can be complete. Working on edits for In the Red – making real progress and hopefully can have that finished by the end of the weekend. What do those have to do with each other? I’m hoping to try something a little experimental for a special swaggy promo that will correlate with In the Red. First I need to get the edits sent back and then I have to play around with WordPress a little more…but I’m hoping to get a special backstage pass section developed so those lucky few can get some extra tidbits.

I’ll be appearing at FandomFest in Louisville the last weekend of June – it looks like it’s going to be a really great time and it’s at the Galt House this year. or if you want to check out the literary track. For those who want to see if I am indeed a real person or for those who want to check out all the fabulous people who are not me – it’s going to be a fun time with lots of authors, lots of actors, lots of publishers, panels, and a ton of cool stuff.  It’s going to be huge and we’re all getting über excited about how things are shaping up!

At the moment that’s my news…I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled ramblings from here on out for a while!



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