A new adventure!

I’m so excited! Not only have I been confirmed for the literary track for this year’s Fandom Fest, but the amazing Stephen Zimmer has given me the opportunity to do a column for the site’s zine, Fandom Scene. In it I’ll be delving into an issue that I’ve become passionate about over the past few months – gender and genre. I’ve always been interested in the way women characters are perceived in fantasy and horror, who they’re marketed to, writers who write against their own gender and do it well (or not so well), archetypes and roles that women characters fall into. And now I have the chance to really explore this. I’m planning a lot of different things for this column, so be sure to check it out! And when you’re done reading me, go take a look at the rest of the amazing writers that are contributing to Fandom Scene (and don’t forget to check out the Fandom Fest site as a whole; there looks like there’s going to be some really awesome stuff going on this year.)

In the meantime, I have some edits I need to get crackin’ on, some guest posts I need to finish, and other fun stuff!

2 thoughts on “A new adventure!

  1. You go Selah Jane. I read your blog entry at the Fandom site and I’m ready to hear more from you. I love female characters in fantasy as provided by two of my favorite authors, Andre Norton and Tanith Lee. Each is of a different generation but they write some cracking good stories with lots of interesting women in ’em.
    So to paraphrase a feminist cliche: a woman’s place in fantasy and literature is in the beginning, the middle, the climax, the prequel, the sequel and all previews of coming attractions.

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