Fandom Fest Literary Guest Post: Herika R. Raymer

Since I’ll be not only attending Fandom Fest this year, but also sitting on literary panels, I wanted to take some time from now til the end of June to turn the spotlight on some of my fellow panelists and attendees.  From blogging on Fandom Scene to yakking with the rest of the motley bunch (not to be confused with motley crue though some days I wonder), I’ve made some great friends and gained a lot of respect for all the different sorts of writers/editors/and creative types out there.  I’m opening the floor for my guests to do whatever they want: promotion, guest posts, profiles – anything to help people learn just what they do and who they are. So give a warm welcome for my first guest profile, Herika R. Raymer!

Herika R. Raymer was born in 1974 and grew up consuming books, literally. Her father’s collection of science fiction, reference volumes, and notebooks were all victim to her appetite. First by eating them, later by reading them. Her mother taught her the value of hard work and keeping focused while her father taught her more about the appreciation of literature and art than any school teacher; so she has been writing and doodling off and on for over 30 years. After much encouragement from both parents, Mrs. Raymer finally published a short-lived unfinished comic as a bonus story in a few issues of the comic series Dragonrok from Hanther’s Tandra saga and, several years later, a few short stories.

Needless to say, she has developed a taste for it and continues to send submissions, sometimes with success. Her short stories have appeared in Dragon’s Composed / Dreams of Steam II by Kerlak Publishing, Potter’s Field 4 / Infradead by Sam’s Dot Publishing, Best Left Buried by Pill Hill Press and Tiny Globule by Sixth Element Publishing. Encouraged by this, a collection of stories is currently in the works.

Mrs. Raymer began her editing experience as an Assistant Editor for Sam’s Dot Publishing’s science fiction magazine Aoife’s Kiss, science fiction/fantasy magazine Shelter of Daylight, and horror magazine Cover of Darkness. In late March 2012, she was promoted to Lead Editor ofCover of Darkness. Her editing credits are Jon E. Klement’s fantasy book Trouble With Trulks, based on a role-playing system, available from Black Pigeon Press and Imagicopter’spromotional steampunk anthology Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells, meant to provide a sample of Imagicopter participants’ writing and artwork, available from Kerlak Publishing.

  Herika R. Raymer was married to her supportive husband in 1997 and they now have two beautiful children, one lovely and energetic border collie, and live in West Tennessee, USA. (taken from )

You can find her on Facebook at

Personal Note:

I do not have a particular niche as I write just about anything – just about. In reference to stories I like, I will read almost anything – though naturally I prefer well written tales. (smile) I read non-fiction (mostly crime stories), science fiction, fantasy, horror, and the occassional romance. I will admit to not being too impressed with splatter gore or stories that center around hurting children. These do not sit well with me. I can handle a ‘not happy’ ending, so long as it fits.

I am also a participant in a voluntary cooperative of writers/artists/musicians called Imagicopter. Our motto is ‘Get In and Hold On’, and we attempt to raise awareness of local talent via social networking. You can read more about it at I run the coop’s geekzine, known as ‘Imagyro Magazine’. Please feel free to peruse free copies at



Thanks Herika for being awesome enough to go first! I hope everyone takes the time to check out all her different projects and stories!




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