News and Updates!

I’m working like mad on edits/reworks for In the Red so this will be a short update! This is definitely one of those manuscripts that has a backstory as long as the actual story!

My guest post about writing what you know and how it applies to genre fiction is up at Workaday Reads!

I’ve been interviewed at Alexx Mom Cat’s Gateway Book Blog! It’s extra fun because an interview with my bud Siobhan Kinkade is also up!

Do you keep up with No Boundaries Press? You should! Writers- there are some exciting things on the horizon and readers – there are free book days all the time with lots of exciting releases going on!

My latest Fandom Scene article is up! I’m continuing my exploration of Madeline L’Engle’s approach to her female characters. This time we learn exactly what happened to Meg and compare her journey to her daughter Poly’s emotional path. You can find that article HERE.

While we’re on the subject of Fandom Fest – if you’re in the Louisville area the last weekend of June you should stop by! I’ll be sitting on four panels:

Friday 4:00 Morrow Room Horror Genre Perspectives from Female Writers

Friday 5:30pm Jones Room Horror Cage Match

Saturday 5:30 McCreary Room The Wardrobe in Your Writing

Sunday 10 am Stanley Room Female Characters in Horror

Looks like it’s gonna be a fun (and interesting) time! When I’m not there I’ll most likely be walking the floor geeking out and promoting some of the things I’ve got going on.

The main con page is HERE and the literary track is detailed HERE Writers – this is a great opportunity for you too! Not only are there tons of informative seminars and workshops besides the panels, but there will be publishers there as well – PLUS a pitch to the publisher event going on at certain times (see the literary track for more info).


….and now back to that which is eating my soul.

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