Tuesday Tales: Light

This week’s prompt was light, so I decided to go ahead with the Krampus story because that’s what’s in my head at the moment. The saint and the demon hae just started to approach their first stop of the evening… *** As they approached the village it became easier to see actual details of the … More Tuesday Tales: Light

Tuesday Tales: Package

This week’s prompt gives me a chance to bring back your friend and mine…jolly Mr. Krampus! *** The sun had barely  crept under the frosty horizon, stealing light and comfort from the mountain village. Above the thatched rooftops that leaked pleasant-smelling smoke and food smells, far up the mountain, the soft, insistent footsteps crunched…and stopped. … More Tuesday Tales: Package

The Next Big Thing

So Ellie Dunn tagged me in this blog event, (and many more have tried, so I suppose I need to answer the questions…) So let’s get talking about a WIP I have on the back burner! What is your working title of your book? Happily Ever After Where did the idea come from for the … More The Next Big Thing

SSS: WIP: Green

Sundays always seem to bring me back? Why? I guess I just can’t resist the draw of six 😉 This week’s six are again from my YA WIP urban fantasy piece. In this part Colleen begins to realize that what she was told about her past may or may not be true. And it’s all … More SSS: WIP: Green