Six Sentence Sunday: Fantasy WIP

This week’s six is a little more of my fantasy WIP who knows what this is..thing. This is a bit of a conversation between King Rakish, the confident king of the Iana who has holed up for the winter in his stronghold, and Goag the giant, his longtime friend and advisor.


“I could counter that you’re too cavalier on this of all nights,” the giant retorted.

For a moment the king considered ignoring the innuendo; the fires were far too warm in the hearths and the meat and drink were flowing far too freely for suspicious thoughts. Still, Goag always strode on the side of caution; it was he that had kept the pair of them alive for so long. “The snow is deep this year and we’ve held them back for seventeen years now. They won’t come.”

“Won’t they?” Goag snorted, tilting his great head as he regarded the king.



DUM DUM DUUUUUM….sorry, couldn’t resist. Anywho, you know the drill! If you want more tidbits of stories, check out…

Six Sentence Sunday!

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