Author Interview: Ellie Potts

Today I’ve got fellow No Boundaries Press author Ellie Potts in the hot seat! She writes a few different things and has a lot of interesting things to say about her process, so read what she has to say!


SJ: Every writer has some sort of process. Give us a glimpse into yours. Do you meticulously outline? Do you write depending on what calls are out there?

EP: I create a book bible. I get a small notepad and I separate it in parts. The first part is usually to jot down ideas and plot lines or mini plot lines I want to see happen, the next part is character guides and then next part is the world building stuff. I try to do this for all books before I write.

SJ: Bonus question – Do you put on a cape and do a chant before hunkering down to work? Sacrifice anything? Along with your process, what’s your quirkiest writing habit?

EP: I like to write to music. I like to use Spotify cause I can create my own soundtracks. I have a plastic skull on my writing desk that I talk to to figure things out when I get stumped.

SJ: Are you a meticulous planner or do you believe in the muse? Where do your ideas come from? Do they filter in through your dreams? Do they show up at inopportune times and whap you upside the head? Do they result in a shady deal with a dark power?

EP: I wish they resulted as a shady deal with a dark power. I have to say they are partial dreams and warped thoughts of what ifs. I have a thing with creeping people out with warping regular things and totally turning them about.

SJ:  bonus question – If your muse had a physical manifestation, what would he or she look like and how would she or he act? Is it a sexy superhero version of Callisto? A sharp-tongued rogue? A reptilian alien? Do they have a catch phrase?

EP: I think it would be a Homunculus. It sits on my shoulder and whispers bad things to me. No catch phrase it will just giggles and tittles at me driving me slowly insane lol

SJ: What’s the book/story that’s closest to your heart? Is there a piece that you clearly feel is a piece of you? Do you play favorites?

EP: It would be my very first book I wrote Awaken the Elements which is coming out some times this year. I had wrote shorts but not a full length book. I spent last year rewriting it and now I think it is better than it was. I try not to play favorites because there are scenes in each book or story that I love a lot

SJ: If you could only write one genre ever again upon pain of being sacrificed to Cthulhu, what would it be and why?

EP: Dark Erotic Fantasy cause that will cover a lot or so I think. But really I would write whatever the Dark Lord likes.

SJ: What’s your biggest frustration as a writer? What do you consider the downside, or is there one? Is there any cliché that makes you want to wring people’s necks?

EP: Biggest frustration is trying to get the story from my head properly on the screen. Sometimes I can’t get a feeling right. There is no downside for me it’s just a natural thing.

SJ: If you had to be stuck in one of your own books/stories for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? If you had to stick a loved one in one of your own books, what would it be and why? An enemy?

EP: I like to visit my stories I don’t want to live in them. If I had to be stuck it would be Space Rebels. Living in space would be fun. Love one hmm I can’t think of a book for them. Enemy would have to be the horror novel I am working on right now.

SJ: Do you think it’s possible to develop a sure-fire recipe/formula for success as a writer? Would you want to, or does that compromise the art or the fun of it?

EP: No, it would compromise the fun for sure. The best way to have fun is to be crazy and spontaneous. If I don’t become a success I never pushed for it in the first place I just like to write.

SJ: Everyone has words of wisdom for young writers, so I’m not going to ask you about that. With a few unknown writers becoming success stories, a lot of people seem to think it’s an easy career choice. What would your words of wisdom be to these people?

EP: Never stop it will get tough and hard, and there is promoting the book after its done which seems like another job all on its own. But never stop if you like writing.

SJ: It seems like everyone likes to gang up on certain genres as being inferior, less meaningful, or cheap entertainment (especially if it’s speculative in nature). Make a case for the genre you write.

EP: Don’t be hating on anything unless you have tried it, in your face lol. I think people need to be opened minded about different genres. You can’t say you dislike something until you try it and if you try it maybe you tried with a book that wasn’t your thing. The best thing about any genre is the sub-genres. There are tons of sub-genres to appeal to even those who are against that main genre.

SJ: What do you want people to instantly think of when they hear your name or your work mentioned?

EP: I want them to get excited for the next journey I am going to take them on.

SJ: Please tell us about your latest/favorite work or a little bit about what you’re working on right now. It’s plug time, so go for it!

EP: I am working on my very first horror novel which is untitled right now but I have a blurb for you.

Jessica and her two friends are going away for the weekend to watch her brother get married. Bradley was lucky to win a free motel for 4 days, free not only for the bride and groom but for a few close friends. This motel is a themed motel, and each room is special. Maybe to special. One of the group has been here before, but to unravel the mystery behind him and the motel they have to get through the his many personalities, who seem to be trying to shield him from the truth. But when the truth might be the only way to survive the weekend Jessica must get the personalities to work together as they unravel ritual abuse, death and monsters.


In the meantime, check out this awesome cover and blurb for Ellie’s short story collection, Flights of Delusion!

Flights of Delusion_flnal

Take a walk with a crying stranger, sit down to play chess with a strange old man, see what happens when Lucifer has an eye on you, or watch what happens when you win in a future lottery. Meet monsters, mutants and demons in Flight of Delusion, a collection of short stories that range from the weird to the scary.
Buy it HERE!

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