SSS: WIP: Green

Sundays always seem to bring me back? Why? I guess I just can’t resist the draw of six 😉

This week’s six are again from my YA WIP urban fantasy piece. In this part Colleen begins to realize that what she was told about her past may or may not be true. And it’s all thanks to a photograph she found of someone who was supposed to have been her invisible friend.

My Six:

Bracing herself and clenching her teeth Colleen rolled over and carefully raised herself on an elbow. She didn’t care if her hair was all over the place or if she looked terrible. The conversation wasn’t about her health or her appearance for once, though she probably didn’t look too hot given the way Gran took a step back and scrunched her face up. “Was Ry really my invisible friend?”

The warm show of the bedside lamp cast friendly shadows over the stick-thin woman with the cropped hair. Even in the half-dark it was easy to see Gran turn pale.

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6 thoughts on “SSS: WIP: Green

    1. yeeheehee… 😉 Glad it has you in suspense! It’s a story I really love – it’s just being fussy at the moment. But I feel for Colleen and love playing the ‘what’s going on’ card in general 😀

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