WeWriWa: Candles

This week I’m taking another bit from a horror story, but it’s somewhat different than the other-worldly fiction of The Invisibles. This piece is from Candles, which can also be found in my collection Lost in the Shadows. It’s a zombie story set against the backdrop of Christmas Eve, where a widowed mother with two … More WeWriWa: Candles

WeWriWa: The Invisibles

I’m baaaack! Since we’re well and into October, this week’s sentences come from a short horror piece called The Invisibles, from my book Lost in the Shadows. It’s about the things that almost exist, that aren’t quite real, that lurk between thoughts, between moments, waiting and hungry… The eight: We live between what is real. We … More WeWriWa: The Invisibles

WeWriWa: All the Little Things (from Lost in the Shadows)

Time once again for weekend writing warriors! This week I’m taking eight sentences from my short story All the Little Things, which appears in the new book Lost in the Shadows! This story is about how little events can pile up on a person, and how little things (appliances, inanimate objects, etc) that we usually take … More WeWriWa: All the Little Things (from Lost in the Shadows)