WeWriWa: The Invisibles

I’m baaaack!

Since we’re well and into October, this week’s sentences come from a short horror piece called The Invisibles, from my book Lost in the Shadows. It’s about the things that almost exist, that aren’t quite real, that lurk between thoughts, between moments, waiting and hungry…

The eight:

We live between what is real. We are the things never invented, the ideas never realized. We are the fears that never fully come to fruition, the things you’re nervous about for no reason. We are the almost terrors, the could-have-been horrors, the should–have-tried abominations. We are guilt and anger and frustration congealed into monstrosity. We break into pieces of stained glass and dirty water and ride the wind until we are reformed and left to agonize unseen. We are doomed to be reshaped yet never Real.
We are never seen, never heard. But we are here, just the same.

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Lost - 400x600


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Journey with authors Selah Janel and S.H. Roddey to a world where every idea is a possibility and every genre an invitation. In this collection of forty-seven short stories, lines blur and worlds collide in strange and wonderful new ways. Get lost with the authors as they wander among fantasy, horror, science fiction, and other speculative musings.

Shadows can’t hurt you, and sometimes it’s all right to venture off the path.

Genre: various speculative genres

Length: 300 pages




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