WeWriWa: All the Little Things (from Lost in the Shadows)

Time once again for weekend writing warriors! This week I’m taking eight sentences from my short story All the Little Things, which appears in the new book Lost in the Shadows! This story is about how little events can pile up on a person, and how little things (appliances, inanimate objects, etc) that we usually take for granted can harbor plots and purposes all their own, some of which don’t usually have our best interests in mind…

The eight

The apartment was high-end bachelor chic complete with the required gadgets, leathers, and art on the walls. All of those features sufficiently disguised the inherent loneliness that permeated the space as thoroughly as the plug-in air freshener. The path of the sunlight through the window blinds was the only movement that distinguished it as a real space and not some painting or untouched film set. The owner was at work or stuck in traffic in the evening commute from the hospital. He was capable, successful, overworked, exhausted, and blissfully unaware that his apartment was housing conspirators.
Who could say what their motive was? Maybe they were tired of being neglected, left out for show without providing true enjoyment; perhaps they resented the perpetual string of lovers who came from bars or work with the same faces and names, the same shoes and intentions. Yet they always seemed calm and unruffled no matter what they heard, no matter who was allowed to fondle them, no matter how easily their master went about his life without giving them any real notice or appreciation.

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2 thoughts on “WeWriWa: All the Little Things (from Lost in the Shadows)

  1. Hmm…you’ve got me thinking. Who’s the ringleader in this conspiratory? Is it the sofa or the tv? What do they have planned? And how will they go about bringing them about? Interesting eight.

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