Project Pics: Paddlelump

So for once in my life I don’t have any columns or reviews to share – some things are scheduled, but nothing new at the moment. I did put up the new flash stories under the free reads page, updated the books page, and I’m working on getting all the other pages on this thing up to date, as well. So, let’s just get the shameless promotion out of the way:

Buy My Stuff

Okay, now that that’s done, I figured I’d show some more project pictures today, and believe it or not, they’re actually tied in with my other work.

So, when Olde School released it was in the back of my mind what I could do to get people to my table at events, or at least get their attention. I don’t really accomplish a lot by acting like a carni barker at my table, and I’m short, so in a crowd, it’s easy to be overlooked. However, I do have a special set of skills that others don’t have…

Meaning I’ve spent the bulk of my career making big giant stuff. So I figured, why not make Paddlelump Stonemonger, the main character of the book, and let him walk around handing out swag and terrifying people into coming by my table?

At the time I was juggling a lot (switching day jobs, one of my best friends was passing away, I was still doing a weekly podcast and was prepping for the first Imaginarium), but I managed to find free time for store runs (the sheer amount of times I’ve been questioned/encouraged to leave hardware stores because they think I’m trying to be funny is amazing), sewing, and building the head in my backyard. Seriously. I nearly got in a fight with a dog over that head, its success is well-earned.  Also a huge thank you to the friend who made Clyde for me because I was literally working on Padd up until the night before Imaginarium.

Because this is so close to my professional work, I’m not really going to go into huge detail, but I think from head to toe he took maybe a little over a month (because I was cramming in the work in between everything else). Since then, he’s shown up at various events in different states, and people either love Padd or flee in terror (which is pretty close to the book, so I must be doing something right). All of these shots are by my friend/editor/wrangler Robin Blankenship, who’s amazing in her own right and puts up with so very much from me.


padd and me booth
At a book fair, because I bring only the best booth babes, 


padd library


padd and clyde
Clyde also tends to make appearances, because what’s a book event without the personification of evil in a cute little bird?


padd jumping
There is a 99% chance something like this will happen as soon as my back is turned and it always freaks me out to see the photos later. Yet I was the one who ended up in urgent care that day.


padd bookshelf
Product Placement at its finest

After all this, if you’re curious about Paddlelump, Clyde, and Kingdom City, might I suggest going here for more info on the book (including buy links), as well as interviews, free shorts, and other fun stuff involving that world.







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