Olde School: More character hilarity and excellent reviews!

Greetings to all! I’m stopping back in to catch everyone up on the blog tour. I’ll hopefully be able to devote a page to all Kingdom City guest posts/character adventures/etc at some point so those who want to see Clyde’s PR attempts can get them all in one place. A big hello to all the new followers on FB and twitter! I’m slowly trying to be better about keeping up with both, but we all know how things get in the way, so all I can promise is to keep trying.


Watch Play Read – A fabulous review here. I’m really incredibly flattered by comments like “Olde School is a fairy tale for adults with all the fun of Jim Henson features like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.” I mean really, when Jim Henson and Brian Froud have been huge inspirations to me and I wake up to commentary like that, how can a day get better?

Alexx Momcat’s Gateway Book Blog – Clyde struggles to write a guest post for “The Mother of Cats” and enlists the help of myself and Paddlelump. This is why you shouldn’t ask me to do character posts for people with this cast of characters, because things like this will definitely happen.

Sheila Deeth Blog – In which I attempt to sneakily interview Nobody and the tables get turned in an unsettling way. Or, what happens when you ask for character posts, part 2.

Really, apparently my characters only let themselves write in first person pov for me, and everyone else I’m forced to write some sort of AU story for because they won’t cooperate otherwise.

There’s more to come, so keep your eyes here!

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