True Blood Cast Signed Vampires Don’t Sparkle auction!

Tis the season, and I wanted to share an awesome opportunity for someone to get not only a great collection of stories, but a book that’s signed by cast members of True Blood!



Auctioning Copy ofVampires Don’t Sparkle!Signed by 5 True Blood Cast Members for Cancer Research

We are offering a very special, one of a kind collectible for True Blood fans with a Seventh Star Press theme, and I hope many of you can help spread the word about this.  What we have to offer is a copy of our anthology Vampires Don’t Sparkle! from editor Michael West (features some top, award-winning horror writers in the genre like Gary A. Braunbeck, Tim Waggoner, and more) that was signed by five members of the True Blood cast.  100% of proceeds from this eBay auction go to Cancer Research ( and a portion of the anthology’s regular sales go to cancer research too, I should mention)

As far as the signatures, they include Michael’s and the following True Blood Cast members:

Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara Thorton
Sam Trammell, who plays Sam Merlotte
Jim Parrack, who played Hoyt Fortenberry
Janina Gavankar, who played Luna Garza 
Jessica Clark, who plays vampire god Lilith

the link for the auction is here and it will run for another 9 days, ending onOctober 26:




What would you do if you had unlimited power and eternal life?

Would you…go back to high school? Attend the same classes year after year, going through the pomp and circumstance of one graduation after another, until you found the perfect date to take to prom? Would you…spend your days moping and brooding, finding your only joy in a game of baseball on a stormy day? Or would you…do something else? Anything else?

The authors of this collection have a few ideas; some fanciful, some humorous, and some as dark as an endless night. Join us, and discover what it truly means to be “vampyre.”

Edited by Michael West

Foreword by Michael West

“A New Life” by J. F. Gonzalez
“What Once was Flesh” by Tim Waggoner
“The Darkton Circus Mystery” by Elizabeth Massie
“Robot Vampire” by R. J. Sullivan
“Beneath a Templar Cross” by Gord Rollo
“The Weapon of Memory” by Kyle S. Johnson
“The Excavation” by Stephen Zimmer
“Skraeling” by Joel A. Sutherland
“Dreams of Winter” by Bob Freeman
“Dracula’s Winkee: Bloodsucker Blues” by Gregory L. Hall
“I Fuck Your Sunshine” by Lucy A. Snyder
“A Soldier’s Story” by Maurice Broaddus
“Rattenkönig” by Douglas F. Warrick
“Vampire Nation” by Jerry Gordon
“Curtain Call” by Gary A. Braunbeck

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Vampires Don’t Sparkle are donated to cancer research institutions to fight the real horrors of Cancer.

 Available in print and also eBook formats such as:

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