Interviewed by G.L. Giles!

I was interviewed earlier this week by the lovely G.L. Giles, and boy did I have a blast! She asked some really insightful questions that made me think (and think…and think, lol). I love talking about my creative endeavors, and this was a fun chance to do so. To see what I had to say about my upcoming titles and other artistic endeavors, check out the article on G.L.’s blog. While you’re there, check out her fantastic work, as well!

2 thoughts on “Interviewed by G.L. Giles!

  1. Interesting to read about how other interests tie into your writing. Good to find out about the whole process of writing and publishing/getting published. Thanks! Passing it on to someone you know who also is interested in creative writing.

    1. Very cool – I always like trying to share things like this in the hopes that it helps others. I know things like this definitely help me, and it’s always nice to kind of share where we all come from and where we’re going. Definitely pass it on! šŸ™‚

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