Music and Me

Admittedly I’ve felt at a crossroads lately. There’s been a lot of change going on. All of it has been necessary, not all of it has been easy, and it’s obviously brought about a lot of reflection and reminiscing. A few posts back I talked about my participation in the cult of libraries, which definitely … More Music and Me

Princess Power

I love fairy tales. It’s not something I’m necessarily going to defend, although I could. They’ve influenced me in a lot of ways, especially in my growing up. As a kid, I was all about the princesses, the fancy dresses, the parties, all the things I thought those stories were about. I was blown away … More Princess Power

TCM Presents: The Storm Sullivan Saga Box Set

We’re back with another great tour brought to you by Tomorrow Comes Media! This time it’s for The Storm Sullivan Saga boxed set!   It began with tragedy. Continued with rebirth. Faithful friends…with secrets of their own. Intensified with an uncovered past. How will it all END? Storm Sullivan’s life is a mystical mine field … More TCM Presents: The Storm Sullivan Saga Box Set

Being Thankful

Just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a very happy holiday this weekend. Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or Hanukkah, love and peace to one and all! I’m grateful this year to be able to spend more time with family and friends, to not have to be flinging myself everywhere at warp speed. It … More Being Thankful