The Very Serious Literary Picture Post

fandomfestcreditjohncollins (640x427)


This is one of my favorite photos from the whole con. Many, many thanks to John Collins  for the great conversation and for letting me use this photo. Definitely check his work out at the weird review! As you can see, I’m ready to go! Books are in hand, I’m bright and happy, and the weekend is all about literature! I think this post totally illustrates that in every single way…

So as I’ve said before, writing is a very serious business and much sophisticated discussion of genre, writing process, and the business in general happened at Fandom Fest. Here are some examples:

ffredrobin (640x480)


Here are Alexx Miller and SH Roddey with me at a preliminary booth conduct meeting with Susan’s addition to the tribe: Booth Babe Bill. You can tell Charlie Kenmore took the photo because of it’s modern art leanings.

ffspagettifactorypt2 (800x600)


Here I am with various authors, filmmakers, bloggers, et al in yet another important discussion about the state of genres today. It just so happens we’re using menus as a metaphor.

ffmeskullhat (600x800)


Here I am with author Kayelle McClive lurking in the background. As you can see, I take how people see me very seriously and only wear appropriate business attire for these functions.

ffspagettifactory (640x480)


More important business meetings as we discuss the day’s affairs and how we want to proceed on the morrow. Don’t be fooled – we just gather at restaurants because they have chairs. We’re too revved up about everything we have to do to eat. I would never, ever call Ali Justice and leave a message that sounds something like a starving velociraptor on her phone to get her to the Spaghetti Factory faster (and then nearly run into the front window trying to flag her down because I’m ready to pass out if I don’t get Italian food in me immediately).

I also had opportunities to really dive into genre studies:

IMG_1282 (640x480)


I’ve never been confident in writing action sequences, but now that I’ve soaked up the aura of  Power Ranger Jason David Frank, I am prepared for anything.

IMG_1301 (640x480)


At the Troll Pub a few blocks away, gathering Intel on the troll species so I could jet right home and finish work on Olde School. 

IMG_1286 (640x480)


Delving into the villain’s psyche. This may or may not become my Christmas card photo this year, just sayin’.

ffmonsterrun (600x800)

Death is always a difficult subject to approach. Rj Sullivan, John F. Allen, and I attempt to figure out the matter for ourselves. This may also end up as a Christmas card if I have any say in it.

ffskindress (800x600)


Getting into the spirit of the horror genre by Sunday! As I approached thirty, I opted to postpone some sort of life crisis and make this dress from pretty fabric and liquid latex, instead. Somewhere I have full images that I’ll have to dig up someday, because it’s pretty hideous and amazing.

So as you can see, the weekend was full of grueling work and study and no fun at all. Now that you’ve gotten a look into all the work a writer goes through at a con, I’m sure you’ll wonder how I ever got back alive. Well, the truth is I had a sneaky assistant who I’ll introduce you to next picture post…


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