I haven’t forgotten that I’m due for some posts, but this has been a very taxing week all around. If you poke around or look at the sidebar, you’ll probably notice some changes. I got word this week that No Boundaries Press is closing, so those releases will be unavailable for a while. Right now I’m finding out what’s going on on their end, and also trying to look ahead as to what I can do with those pieces, since I feel they’re pretty good. Obviously this is not the easiest transition, but at the moment I just want to look ahead to what comes next. So, if you don’t see links/mention of those releases for a while, that’s why. I’m also trying to not use any images as of now from those covers/etc to comply with their wishes.

Holly&Ivy is still available with Mocha Memoirs, I believe a lot of the magazines I’m in are still in print (except for Stories for Children’s Magazine, which is out of business as well, though that issue may still be on sale.) Big Bad just came out and I believe Thunder in the Battlefield is due out this summer. I’m still waiting for edits on Hookerpunk and waiting for a confirmation of release time for issue 5 of The Realm Beyond.  Wicked East Press is also having some issues but working through them, so I also don’t have a date yet for Bedtime Stories for Girls.

Still working on Olde School and I’m hoping that will still be out this fall (That’s my bad; being sick in March really set me back), and I’ve got a few other things I’m submitting, as well. So I’m definitely not out, and as far as I can see, there are awesome things just around the corner!

Thanks to everyone’s well-wishes on FB, and for all those who are standing by me. As always, you guys rock my socks.

One thought on “Changes

  1. For every door that closes, another door or window always opens. Just close your eyes and figure out where you feel a draft coming from.

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