Interviewed at Crimson Flower Reviews!

I’ve been cutting back on the promotional trail lately, but I did have an interview out the other day, so I’m not completely neglectful! I’m very flattered to be interviewed by Crimson Flower Reviews. They asked some great questions and really made me think. So if you’re curious about where I get my ideas, who is my support network, who I picture as Jeremiah/JK Asmodeus, what songs helped inspire In the Red, my advice to writers (such as it is), and other fun stuff, be sure to give it a read!

To see the interview, go HERE!

3 thoughts on “Interviewed at Crimson Flower Reviews!

  1. I didn’t find your interview when I clicked on the “here.” Instead it went to Evil Jester Comics-Indigogo. Just wanted to let you know because I am interested in your interview.

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