Evil Jester Presents Update!

I wanted to share this with all those who had either been on the fence contributing to the kickstarter campaign for Evil Jester Presents comics, or those who hadn’t heard. They’d like to start a comic that harkens back to the anthology horror of EC, Creepy, Eerie, Tales from the Crypt, and others. They’ve got a lot of talented authors and artists lined up and a lot of ideas. They even have a lot of incentives they want to spread around! Unfortunately, the kickstarter goal wasn’t met, but they’re not giving up!

As of now, you can check out their campaign on Indigogo and contribute that way. There are the same incentives, it goes to the same great and talented team. If you did donate to kickstarter, please consider taking the amount you’ll be credited back from them to the Indigogo campagin. This could be a really exciting project in the world of horror and comics, but they need to be given a chance!


To view the video about Evil Jester Presents and contribute to the Indigogo campaign, go HERE

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