MMP African American Sci-Fi Month: Still Another Day by Janet Eckford


I’m getting another transmission beamed in from Mocha Memoir Press’s futuristic fleet of library ships…hrm…let me adjust the frequencies and see if I can pick up what they’e trying to tell me…

Hrm, it seems there’s something about a woman being used as a weapon of control, a strong woman who suddenly is confronted with part of a past that she had attempted to block out. Unfortunately what this man wants is to bring her back to the very thing she’s running away from…Intriguing, indeed. Let me adjust my comm unit to find out more about Still Another Day by Janet Eckford


Mila has come to terms with being the other in a world she once belonged to. The Agency had tried to make her a tool in their arsenal of control over the people they’d promised to protect, and she fled. Then Ravi, a man she’d committed to the secret parts of her memory, hope and happiness, tracks her down to take her back to that place she promised she’d never revisit again. Now Mila has choices to make.

Ravi has been given the task of capturing Mila and returning her to the Agency to stand trial for the crimes she has committed. The best of the best, he doesn’t let emotion or feelings cloud his judgment. He has purpose, and that purpose guides him. Yet when he finds Mila, those feelings he’d thought he’d crushed find fertile ground in his doubts about her guilt. Seeing her awakens the desire of a future together he’d once carried, and now he has choices to make, because taking her back doesn’t seem like the best option—if it’s possible at all.

You can find out more about this title HERE

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