MMP African American Sci-Fi Month: Intracations by John Dimes


Uh-oh…got another communications transmission trying to come through…hope I can translate it – you know how hard it is to sync up current technology with futuristic stuff. Hrm. It seems there’s more to this one than the others…it’s almost a message within a message. Maybe it’s just coincidence that I’m having trouble getting it to come through, or maybe there are no coincidences but a series of cosmic events set to happen for a reason. Maybe, just maybe there’s something to all of these strange moments, these Intracations


What is an Intracation? It begins so very intricately. A story within a story. . . Is God turning

in his sleep, having a bad dream? Is it a divine joke or just Hiram “Effort” Barnes getting
lucky with a hot stripper he picked up at a cheap strip joint? Is it the secret hidden within the
darkness and shadows, lying long dormant, waiting for just the right moment to crush the
very life from the light? Or is it Seymour Rennick developing the hots for a lady psychic? Or is
it the failsafe against rapid spontaneous entropy on a universal scale? Or Abaka and his love
of a powerful entity who is as old as time? Beyond these questions lie the Intracations.
For more on this title please go HERE 

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