An Awesome End

It is a sad day. For those who follow Neil Pasricha’s blog 1000 Awesome Things then you know what day it is. After four years counting down the lovely, silly, and sometimes enjoyably gross little things that make life so great, today we reach number one.

I got into Neil’s blog from his first book version which pretty much does the same thing. It lists things we may take for granted in life and includes a short anecdote or explanation about why they rock. I happened upon this thing when I was still trying to find out why my body was performing mutiny and being yanked around by various diagnoses and life in general. A lot of emotions were catching up with me and I needed a reminder that there were good things all around. And that book gave it to me. I’ve devoured both books and I try to check the site as often as I can. Since I usually check it on my phone and I /just/ got a phone that lets me comment I’ve never gotten a chance to comment on his posts. So many of them resonate with me – from dangerous playground equipment to old-school cartoons to watching your favorite Christmas specials out of season to Collapsing into Bed When You’re Massively Exhausted.

Even though I’m physically fine now and in a much better place emotionally, Neil has given me and so many others a reminder to look on the bright side. There’s wonderful stuff all over and it’s a shame to neglect it. I’ve started my own lists of awesome because of that blog to help remind me of that fact.

Of course the knee jerk reaction for many is NOOOO DON’T LEAVE US! To be fair, the project started out when he was in much the same head space as I and so many others were. He didn’t start it intending for it to become the phenomenon that it is. It’s incredible that from a simple way to reaffirm the good stuff in life has come three best-selling books and a calendar. Don’t get me wrong – it is sad that it’s over, but I think now it’s up to all of us who were touched by this blog. It’s up to us to remind ourselves and others that life is sweet and to keep the positivity going. Think of it: if all of us were to look on the awesome side and touch those around us,  and if they were to keep it going…the awesomeness would be infinite! Think of how much good that could do if everyone kept inspiring everyone else around them!

Besides that , a post a day for four years (not counting weekends) is a massive undertaking – especially given that Neil doesn’t receive money from the blog and apparently hasn’t touched the proceeds from the books (according to an article in The Toronto Star). Meaning that he’s kept his day job AND done all of this awesome stuff. As bittersweet as it is,  Neil deserves a break.

So here’s to you, Neil Pasricha! You made us laugh, you made us cry, you gave us a reason when we asked why. You made us smile and grossed us out, you gave us a lot to think about. You reached so many with your daily posts and got so many talking. You proved that when it comes to it positivity leaves bitterness balking. We’ll miss your blog, we’ll miss your posts, and the times you’ve got us thinking. But I hope you know without a doubt that you are stinking….


While 1000 Awesome Things won’t be counting down anymore,  the blog will still stand. For some upbeat fun and info on the books go to the blog here!

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