Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt! The Jinn’s Daughters

This week is another picture prompt! We were given the choice between ladies and cowboys and although I appreciate the cowboys much more, but my muse gravitated to the women. So here’s the picture and here’s the story it inspired!

The Jinn’s Daughters

They were formed from nothing. The lithe bodies, the long limbs, the come-hither poses were not and then they simply were. Trapped in the confines of dream-space they could only arch their backs and long for dreamers and the embraces they would bring.

From his ethereal, constant vantage point the Jinn smiled. His teeth had once been razor-sharp and his powers had been mighty. Now, in his twenty thousandth year of confinement he wasn’t even a shadow of his former self. He was a caricature, a cartoon, a fleeting after-image of a thought.

His daughters would change that.

He’d use his last bit of strength to send them into mortals’ dreams. Lust was a powerful aid. So was temptation. Together they were powerful enough that they were easy for him to harness. Through them he formed his daughters and by those names they would be called.

They were dressed plainly, but the arch of their spines and the sighs from their lips made up for that lack of splendor. “Do not worry, Father,” Lust assured him with a coquettish pout of her lips. “No dreamer will be looking at our clothes when they can listen to our promises; they’ll be too busy doing our bidding in the hopes they’ll get to remove our garments.”

“We’ll find a fool we can guide to your amulet,” Temptation assured him. Through her own special magic she conjured a rainfall to soak their hair and skin, rendering both sisters utterly delectable. “We’ll feed on his mind until he puts the necklace on. Then you can have his body and soul.”

Deep inside his jewel prison the Jinn smiled, though his teeth were dull now. “You are wise, my daughters. Go into the minds of men and do your work while I wait for freedom.”

15 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt! The Jinn’s Daughters

    1. Aw thank you! I’ve always been intimidated by flash fiction but I’m learning if I can get my brain to shut up I really like writing it.

  1. Wow! A powerful story here. Lots of men think women are like these Sirens, all powerful to tempt them into lust. Well done. You’ve woven a fascinating story in such a few words.

  2. I wonder if the man they’ll pick will see through them and escape. Your short has LOTS of room for more. Beautifully written!

    1. We’ll see.I have a lot fighting for my attention and I’m not quite sure where I’d go with this – but stranger things have happened!

    1. Thank you! I’m amazed that when I let my mind go blank and just let things happen the results are usually better than if I pre-plan

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