Tuesday Tales: Light

This week’s prompt was light, so I decided to go ahead with the Krampus story because that’s what’s in my head at the moment. The saint and the demon hae just started to approach their first stop of the evening… *** As they approached the village it became easier to see actual details of the … More Tuesday Tales: Light

Tuesday Tales: Red

    This week’s prompt was Red and apparently I’m in fairy tale mode. I’ve been dealing with a lot of red lately but wanted to do something different. There is a variation on the snow white story where the queen very much gets hers at the end. Still, I wanted to do something different … More Tuesday Tales: Red

Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt! The Jinn’s Daughters

This week is another picture prompt! We were given the choice between ladies and cowboys and although I appreciate the cowboys much more, but my muse gravitated to the women. So here’s the picture and here’s the story it inspired! The Jinn’s Daughters They were formed from nothing. The lithe bodies, the long limbs, the … More Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt! The Jinn’s Daughters

Tuesday Tales: WIP

Hey there TT fans! It’s another Tuesday and that means another word prompt. This week the prompt is sky and my tidbit comes from an idea I’ve been playing with for years about a teenage girl and a sudden transformation.  Hopefully using this prompt to kick-start my brain again will get me working on it for real. *** Cassie had … More Tuesday Tales: WIP