Six Sentence Sunday – More Cinderella-ish WIP

In my efforts to keep up with everything I’m back for another SSS! If you’re looking to enter the Easter Blog Hop Giveaway that can be found HERE

And now for some Six. This week’s six comes again from my Cinderella-ish WIP with the stepsister viewpoint – this time regarding the death of her stepfather.


The Six:

If anything, it drove the rest of us closer to who we really were. My mother became harsher, more critical. Annie grew skittish and sensitive, apart yet soft and delicate in her grief. I noticed all, did what I could to stop the soul-bleeding going on around me, did what came naturally and dove in and got dirty. Whatever it took. It never occurred to me that I tended not to notice myself.


Want more? Of course you do! So check out this week’s Six Sentence Sunday!!



2 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – More Cinderella-ish WIP

  1. I love the different personalities you’ve pointed out just with the way you described their reaction to an event. Great 6!

  2. Super six. You get to the heart of grieving, and caring for others. Awesome writing.

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