It’s time for an Easter blog hop!

It’s blog hop time! I don’t know what it’s like where you’re at but here in Middle America we kind of skipped over winter this year. There were a few cold days this year, but overall the winter was not unlike a tepid bowl of soup: damp, lukewarm, and just kind of there. Despite the lack of winter, though, Easter wisps in with a refreshing blast of spring. Renewal, rebirth, regeneration…whatever you gravitate towards spring and Easter are symbols of it. The stark winter is over and the blast of summer is right around the corner, but in the meantime spring is lilting around and getting everyone all giddy. Stores are displaying flirty little dresses, cards feature frolicking lambs, and everyone talks about how they’re glad winter is over even if it was nonexistent.

I have a lot of great Easter memories from my kidlet days: Easter baskets brimming with goodies and mysterious paw prints trailing across the living room floor because the bunny had gotten into the flour when he took a wrong turn through the kitchen…the fabulous year where the Easter Bunny had heard the yearnings of my little girl heart and had brought me a kid-sized tool kit along with eggs and candy (I got to keep the eggs and candy but the tools mysteriously disappeared after I attempted to dismantle the living room furniture while waiting to go to church)…the millions of egg hunts that I nearly got run over by bigger kids and came away with one lousy egg – you’d think this would be a bad memory but I always racked up a lot of pity chocolate on those occasions.

And since this is a blog hop we’ve gots to have a giveaway! So between April 6-8 if you comment on this post you shall be entered in a giveaway to receive a free PDF copy of one of my past releases (Mooner or The Other Man for those who are keeping track). All you have to do to be entered is just leave a comment!!

BUT since I like to make people work you can get extra entries by going on an Easter hunt through my blog! And for every CORRECT answer you find and list on your comment – I’ll give you an extra entry. So to earn the extra entries you must tell me the following…(HINT – Don’t just use blog posts…use the pages of my blog and tags/categories to help you find answers fast!)

1. Name one publication/story that I’m releasing that is NOT an e-book.

2. Name on of my favorite musicians (there are a few entries where I drop some names)

3. Name one activity that I do/have done that isn’t writing

4. Name one blog where I’ve had a guest post or interview.

They’re all here on the blog – so get looking! So you can have a total of FOUR extra entries for a combined total of FIVE entries if you get all of those right. Be sure to include an email in your comment or in the info submitted so I know who to contact. So get hunting my little lambies and be sure to get in on all the other awesome giveaways at the blog hop spot!

7 thoughts on “It’s time for an Easter blog hop!

  1. I found you releases but I didn’t see where it said they were in print or not, the ones I followed to B&N or Amazon were all ebooks. So I will assume it is In the Red. You also love Handel and Purcell and used to sing. You were on a bolg by Sean Taylor but I didn’t see where you had others here. Thanks for being part of the hop. Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter! You have a wonderful time and have a great night! šŸ˜‰ Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway!
    1. In the Red
    2. Britten
    3. Costume Designer.
    4. Autumnā€™s Bitchinā€™ Book Reviews

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