Six Sentence Sunday: WIP

It’s Sunday once again so let’s get some six sentence action  posted!

This week’s six comes from a WIP I’ve been dabbling with for years – a first-person emotional take on the Cinderella from the pov of a stepsister. I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything with it but it’s been one of the pieces that jumpstarted my creativity and got me out of a rut.

My Six

I have never believed I was ugly. Even as a child, I never recognized that I was anything but myself. I was a little girl, just like any other little girl; possibility behind the usual exterior.

There was always something else to take up my thoughts: Father dying, Mother’s grief, and hard times hitting us harder than most.  Mother’s grief to a sudden flurry of activity and we packed up all we had to relocate to a remote but prosperous farm. There was also the sudden addition of a new father and a sister.

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6 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: WIP

  1. I like this – I love taking fairy tales and seeing if you can modernise them and think that your idea of considering things from a different perspective is really cool. The only thing I’d suggest is the repetition of the word ‘grief’… maybe you could try ‘bereavement’ or ‘mourning’ etc if you wanted a variation… Just a suggestion, this was a good way to start my day. Thanks. 🙂

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