A technical heads up

I want to give a heads up for all following me on facebook that apparently my account has been disabled or I’ve been temporarily locked out…with no verification options. I know – it’s dandy. I’m attempting to rectify the problem and I’ll give it until Tuesday or Wednesday and if I don’t hear I guess I’ll have to start from scratch with everything on that sight. Yep…these are the times when I want to cry. If anyone has any advice on contacting an actual person on the site about something like this or a way around it I’d love to hear it. Until it’s fixed you can still find me here and on twitter and the other usual places.


But yeah – I’m not happy. At all.

4 thoughts on “A technical heads up

    1. no kidding. I’m not even sure what the deal is. I’ve been exploring all my communication options but obviously it’s nearly impossible to get hold of someone.

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