A few things coming up

First off – I’m at Sean Taylor’s blog this week for the round table discussion. This time it’s a bunch of us talking about epic storylines: the good and the bad, what makes them work and what makes them tank. You can find that post here. I’ll be back on his blog on the 25th talking about girls in early urban fantasy/fantasy stories, and I’ll also be on the No Boundaries Press blog on the 25th as well.


I’ve been thinking it over lately and I’ve realized something. Between The Other Man, the up-coming In the Red, and a free read that’ll hopefully come out between the two…I have a lot of plots coming out that deal with music. For those that know me, this isn’t surprising. Music has been in my life forever and it’s something I’m very attached to. Like I said in a post about The Other Man – the best way for me to stick it to myself is to remove music from the equation. It’s not that I have to play it all the time or that I’m overly obsessed with certain songs or groups (I do have my favorites but as I’ve grown up I’ve thankfully calmed down a little bit). Ever since I was a kid it was just easy to see myself in music…whether it was a song I identified with or a song that spoke of what I wanted to be or what I knew I’d never be. There’s something about a good tune that works its way under a person’s skin and gets in their blood and stays there. I’m not kidding or trying to be flippant when I say that music is my language…it’s just plain easier for me to express what I’m feeling sometimes by using a song as an analogy. I’m also one of those obnoxious designers that will play a tune and be all “Do you hear that guitar part? I want this dress to look like that guitar sounds!”

I’m not really limited to genre – I grew up with church music, I love certain types of musical theatre, novelty songs make me giggle, I love my classic rock and eighties music, I have a fixation with glam, and I may have spent ten years of my life as a classical vocalist. And because my interests and love of music stretches so far and I also like writing about it…well, why not incorporate it here? So I’m going to start doing music posts on Mondays. This could be about a genre, an artist, an experience I’ve had, a song I like – whatever.  So keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned (bwahaha get it – tune…music? ahem.) for Music Mondays!



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