CYBER MONDAY SALE: Olde School (and others) for 99 Cents!

All right, kiddies – no beating around the bush because we’ve got limited time here. Love books? Love your kindle? Want to stock up on titles you’ve been eyeing or feel like discovering new ones? Then today is your day.Seventh Star Press has thirty titles on sale as Kindle Downloads for 99 cents all day … More CYBER MONDAY SALE: Olde School (and others) for 99 Cents!

WeWriWa: Olde School

It’s been a while, so I decided to participate in Weekend Writing Warriors this week! This week’s eight comes from the first chapter of Olde School. Ippick, Uljah, and Paddlelump are at lunch at Trip Trap’s Diner, and Uljah and Paddlelump discuss the finer points and frustrations of owning a bridge… The Eight: “Ye get … More WeWriWa: Olde School

Fall Into Fantasy!

  So along with everything else…it’s time for a big giant giveaway because, well, why not? This year I’m participating in Fall Into Fantasy, where you can win a ton of great titles in the genre from a lot of fantastic authors. Although I write in a lot of different genres, fantasy holds a huge … More Fall Into Fantasy!

Why Olde School?

So today begins the next round of blog touring for Olde School! It’s mostly reviews, which means I’ll be walking around all week breathing into a paper bag, but also some Q&A, and I’ll probably do some fun stuff here. After all, I still need to re-cap imaginarium (and I’m sure Clyde wants his say), … More Why Olde School?

Coming Full Circle

So I realized that in my ramblings about Evillecon and all that in March, I left out a huge part of that weekend. We all know I love books, but I really have a mad addiction to libraries. I’ve loved them ever since I was a kid. I still remember the very first library trip … More Coming Full Circle