In the hot seat!

As many of you know, you can listen to my melodious voice every week on The Star Chamber Show. THIS week, however, I’m also a guest. That’s right, you get to hear me EVEN MORE! We’ll be talking about writing, Olde School, and lord only knows what else. Seriously, these people know me pretty well … More In the hot seat!


  Yeah, pretty tables! Look at how official we are!   I had a blast in Evansville. I got a chance to tour my university and see all the changes taking place before the con started. All I have to say is WOW. I mean WOW. And geez, where was all this classiness when I … More Evillecon!

SSP Spring Fling Sale: Thunder on the Battlefield (Sword & Sorcery)

If you like Sword and Sorcery, or adventure fantasy in general, have I got a sale for you! BOTH volumes of  Thunder on the Battlefield (Sword AND Sorcery) are now available for 99 cents! Both collections are edited by James R. Tuck and both have a lot of fantastic stories in them written by a … More SSP Spring Fling Sale: Thunder on the Battlefield (Sword & Sorcery)