In the hot seat!

As many of you know, you can listen to my melodious voice every week on The Star Chamber Show. THIS week, however, I’m also a guest. That’s right, you get to hear me EVEN MORE! We’ll be talking about writing, Olde School, and lord only knows what else. Seriously, these people know me pretty well so I’m not quite sure what kind of questions they’re going to pull out.

My episode airs Wednesday, April 9 at 9PM EST (8PM central)! To check it out, click here for the blogtalk radio link!  You can follow along in the chatroom on the webpage, or on twitter if you follow @starchambershow

If you REALLY want to get involved, I’m posting little pre-interview tidbits and links on the show’s facebook page.

Be sure to tune in Wednesday and see what I have to say (for better or worse!)

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