SJ Reads: Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf

It’s my favorite time of year and one of my favorite holidays! Did you ever really wonder what Halloween was all about and why we have all the customs we do? Have I got a title for you.

Halloween silver ravenwolf

Silver Ravenwolf does a maginicent job of exploring the holiday. From its history to different cultural aspects, from traditions to recipes, from honoring the dead to superstitions, from her own thoughts as a Wiccan to spells, it’s all here. This book opened my eyes to the history of not only Halloween, but the persecution of witches and how traditions and beliefs have evolved through history. It’s worth it even if you just look at the history section and skim through the recipes, but overall her thoughts on so many different aspects of the holiday make the book an interesting, valuable read.

I get that people’s mileage with Wicca and the witch aspects may very, but the author brings a spirituality to Halloween that you’re not likely to find in other books. Put your thoughts aside and give it a flip through, because there’s so much information and emotion in here, it would be a shame to miss it. It’s a cozy book overall and one that will have you coming away with a head full of thoughts. Definitely one of my favorite Halloween books and one I’ve read over and over.

Get it here


If fiction is more your deal, get your horror on by sinking your teeth into the historical vampire short Mooner!

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