Updates – Free Fiction!

You need creepy stories during October, right? Well here are some free ones that will take only a few minutes to peruse – but will hopefully unsettle you, just the same.

I love taking part in the Ladies of Horror flash picture prompts each month – these are some of my more recent additions. Be sure to check out Nina’s entire blog for more fun!

fever dreams

Fever Dreams – A vacation gone awry, but what Ben sees is probably just because he’s sick, right? Read it here

Chosen – Being a living goddess doesn’t always turn out like you’d expect. Read it here 

Waiting – She had to wait. That was all Paula remembered. Read it here

Misstep – It came at dawn. It came literally across the horizon, the toes, the foot, the giant attached to it. Read it here

A Long Forgotten Memory – The day the boats came back by themselves was the day the village stopped going into the water. Read it here


For more creepy fiction, check out what I’ve written on my books page


If you prefer vampires, be sure to sink your teeth into Mooner  – after all, you never know who might come round for a drink.

lost in the shadows

Want a little more than horror? Discover 47 stories across all genres (and inventing some new ones). Come get lost with us in Lost in the Shadows







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