Updates – Manga Mania!

I’ve been adding to my collection of manga reviews. All can be found at ismellsheep.com, and be sure to check that site out as a whole, too, for your book and geeky culture needs.

My Neighbor Seki – a student just wants to get her work done, but the boy next to her goes above and beyond to avoid doing his work and provide a distraction. Cute and fun for a lot of ages.

Dawn of the Arcana – fantasy adventure with the obligatory love triangle and some interesting fantasy politics thrown in

Shuriken and Pleats – schoolgirl ninjas

How to Treat Magical Creatures – fun, cute read about a magical vetinary assistant. Beautiful art, great fantasy creatures.

Tokyo Ghoul – Kid is attacked by a creature that feeds from human flesh and finds himself not human nor ghoul. His attempts to find his place and stay alive keep you on on the edge of your seat.

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