SJ Reads: School-Live!

Just when I thought zombies were over and done, I stumble on a title that gets me really excited. If you want a little optimism and fun with your zombie apoc, have I got a title for you…

school liveYuki, Kurumi, and Yuuri make up the School Living club, where they try to live at school and be self sufficient. Under the instruction of their teacher, Megumi, we was through Yuki’s eyes as she helps with gardening, cooking, cleaning, and other stuff after her studies are over. As the first volume progresses, though, you get the hint that something isn’t quite right..

To fully appreciate this, I have to spoil you, so if you’re not into that, click out now. However, this thing is coming up on volume 10, so this isn’t exactly news.

It turns out that the zombie apocalypse is upon us, the private school has long been attacked, and the school living club is trying to survive. Yuki’s had a mental break and still envisions herself at school with nothing wrong, so the others humor her to keep her going. And Megumi? Yeah, she was turned long ago and what Yuki is seeing is her own delusions. It’s a really clever plot, and nothing is lost once you discover that twist. Through each volume we see the girls piece together more of the puzzle of what’s happening in the outside world and what led to this. There’s some great correlations between them moving on and maturing compared to going to college or work. What strikes me, though, is even though there is some gore and it can be a fairly dark title, there’s still a sense of fun and optimism. Each of the girls have their moments of nearly falling over the edge, but they also encourage each other and have hope for the future, such as it is. I’m caught up through volume 9 and can’t wait for more.

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Zombies not your thing? Not into big series? If you prefer a quick read about vampires to keep your October creepy, check out Mooner.

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