SJ Reads: Coming Alive

So not a writing book, but still something that I think will speak to all types of creative people, and people in general. I’ve recently been working my way through this book, and I have to admit, I’m impressed.

coming alive


We hold ourselves back a lot, whether by attitude toward ourselves or behavior toward others. I think, sometimes, we…maybe not make excuses, but view these as permanent conditions and self-blame. Note: I’m not talking about mental illness and other issues, which are a whole other thing.

But with how much people are going through these days and the constant conversation being had about self care and similar topics, every little bit helps. Basically, these are practical exercises to use for certain types of behavior you notice in yourself. For me, I picked this up as something to help with procrastination, self-enabling, anxiety, talking down to myself, you know the deal.

I really like that there are specific exercises used for specific emotional circumstances. The authors do a great job of explaining their backgrounds and how they came to develop the tools in this book, and why this differs a little from other schools of thought. It’s simple, it’s fast-moving, it’s doable, and it helps with self-sabatoge. I’m enjoying what I’ve read and tried out so far, and have a lot of hope that these ideas and practices are doable long term.

Get it here

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