Caption Contest!

It’s my birthday today! And to celebrate I thought I’d have a contest on my blog and see what happens. So, here’s what I’m going to do: I’m putting up a photo of Paddlelump, and I want you to caption it. Keep it clean, and the best entry (I’ll take into account what also hits closest to his character, along with what amuses me the most), will get their choice of either Olde School or the short story collection Lost in the Shadows in Kindle form (I’d have to check on what other formats I have available). Make sure you include your email when you comment with your entry. Contest runs from now until the end of the weekend, and I’ll try to announce winner or winners on a post next week!

padd lounging

If you’re also so inclined and want to support me on this day of days, feel free to check out my books, post a review if you’ve read them, or even recommend them to a friend or your local library. Every little bit helps!

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