Smart Ass Universe: Synchronicity

I’ve been noticing that as I focus on getting my groove back, there’s a lot of synchronicity in my life. I seem to fall into moments where people say or post things I need to hear a lot lately. Since people never quite believe this, here’s the proof…


I had to run into Joann’s for five seconds. This was on the window. I’ve been feeling like I can’t bring anything to fruition lately, like I was lacking, uh, inspiration. This may have prompted one of my moments where I look up at the sky and sigh REALLY?!

20150616_182021I see this all the time when I go to the library, but I never really look at it anymore. It’s a humbling quote and it gives weight to all that I’m trying to write, like maybe my work has a purpose in the grand scheme of things.

Speaking of Thoreau, I found a random disc that was part of a Wayne Dyer series on CD – that disc is the only one of the set I have for some reason. Curious, I popped it into my cd player on the way to work one morning this week, only to hear this…

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

Henry David Thoreau

Gee, I don’t need to hear that, at all.

I’ve also had a lot of things come up in my triberr feed about self-actualizing and inspiration and the like. This week’s chapter of The Artist’s Way is all about synchronicity. I’m starting to get a little scared here.

Speaking of that…for the first time in years I went to a library book sale. A friend of mine put the idea in my head, because it was in an area that was unfamiliar to me. Literally, a middle school gym FILLED with books. Tables and tables…I wanted to roll all over them, letting the print soak into me, absorbing all those wonderful ideas.

We will not discuss what I spent.

However, I gained a lot. There were a surprising number of people milling about, and all were open to conversation. I talked to a fun older gentleman about thrillers, had a lot of good conversation about books, print over ebooks, series, and other stuff with the different volunteers and library workers, assured a father that manga was supposed to read right to left and the series his son had picked out was amazing. For the first time in a long time I took joy at just discussing books with people. I don’t even get that at a lot of book EVENTS. It really hit home how far away from the love of it some things have gotten – and I contribute to that, too. As a writer with other writers, I tend to feed conversations about what promotional stuff is or isn’t working, what industry stuff is happening, what publishers are worth looking into, who’s doing what, and on and on and on. It can be like the school cafeteria on crack if you let it. For once I was talking to readers as a reader and just having fun. And it was beautiful.



Some of these are books I own that really needed to be replaced. Some are titles I love and wanted to own but haven’t got around to buying them. Some are things I’ve looked at but never thought about buying until this opportunity. Some were delightful surprises. Reading with SJ is going to go on forever because of this and my library habit. For reals.

Do you notice synchronicity in your life? Is this just a wacky artist thing, or do you notice that sometimes the things you’re thinking of/worried about/need to hear just…line up suddenly and opportunities or little moments present themselves? I’d love to hear examples!

3 thoughts on “Smart Ass Universe: Synchronicity

    1. I’d read it previously, but since a copy was right there, I snapped it up. The version I bought seems to have an interview and book club questions, as well. I love the actual novel. Intriguing, enchanting, and one of the few things I’ve read that feels like Gaiman’s actually come up with an original modern folk story, while still using standard archetypes and the like. Absolutely recommend it!

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