Project: Zombie/Skin Coin Purse/Pouch

Because there is a theme of carnage and mutilation with Desert Bluffs, I had made this to go with my outfit for the Night Vale show, but while I took it with me it didn’t get showcased much. Mostly, this was because the pockets in the coat puffed out in a bad way with it in, and even I have my vain moments. Still, It pleases me to be working with latex again.


The basic purse can be canvas (I’ve used white denim, too) in a white or light color. I flat line it with the lining, sw up the sides, pop the zipper in. Outside is mask latex dabbed and layered onto the fabric after having been colored with paint. Veins and other detailing are put on later – I’ve even done little bristle hairs in some cases, though it depends on how gross you wanna get. It is a bit of a trick to get the consistency of things right, and when you’re gluing things on you always have to think about what looks good and isn’t just something plunked onto a bag.. Teeth were cast by me, though I want to play with that in the future, coloring-wise. Ear is from a dollar store that sells that sort of thing by the bag at Halloween. All in all, a snappy little statement piece for the horror lover in your life, or for those times you really want to get conversation going at the grocery store.

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