February Project: Broken Heart Purse

I want to mix things up and share a sewing/costume/artsy project of mine at least once a month. I talk about my artistic life often enough, but I haven’t really shown a lot of it, so that needs to change. Although we’re into March, this seems suitable for both February and Women in Horror Month. There really isn’t a great way to preface this, so, TA-DAAAA!!


This is a purse of mine that I use mostly for conventions, but it has come with me to the grocery store if I’m in a pinch or in a mood. Made from a denim base, a basically made the purse first and lined it with this cool poly-satin that has a blood-spatter-like pattern over it. The zipper is toward the middle of the backside, so it’s hard to really open it up to get an inside shot. I trimmed it with some fun black material I used as a ruffle and smacked a bow at the bottom – though that was most likely the last step (it’s been a while, but looking at it, that’s the logical progression). After the basic heart was done and I put the strap on and the zipper in, it was time for one of my favorite relaxing pastimes…

I’ve experimented with latex in the past, and although I’m nowhere near like Face Off level, I like playing around with it. I’ve found by layering mask latex in a stipple-like fashion onto fabric, you can built it up and have it really give off a nice, skin-like surface. I’ve also found different ways to make textured, gunky wads and strips (like what surrounds the heart and the bumps on the surface). The heart was a find at Deals, and I’ve since learned to stock up on random body parts there every October (my fabric and craft storage really is something to behold and feel terribly uncomfortable in the presence of). The different parts were affixed by contact cement and blended with more latex, then the whole surface (save for the heart) was painted flesh-colored. There are some vein details you can’t quite see, and of course there’s nothing like the odd blood spatter for aesthetic value. It actually took me a few goes to make this work, but I love this thing, and it’s definitely unique. Whether I wear it because I’m feeling sarcastic or want to get my horror con on, It’s definitely been an accessory that gets noticed.



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