Writing Round Table Roundup

I’ve also tried to get back into the swing of taking part in the ever-awesome Sean Taylor’s writing round tables! There have been some really good ones lately, ones that you should definitely peek in on if you’re into writing. If you aren’t familiar with his blog, every Thursday or so he gathers a group of writers to discuss their thoughts on certain topics. This could be anything from themes and point of view writing to more specific issues like the below. It’s definitely worth a look-through, especially if you want to up your game or are interested in how a bunch of working writers perceive some of these topics.

Writing Through Nostalgia-Colored Glasses: We talk about the importance of nostalgia in writing, when it’s too much, when it’s useful, and why it can be a blessing and a curse for connecting with readers.

Pow! Right in the Viscera! Writing Prose with a Gut Punch: We discuss why visceral writing works and when it may not work. What is it about this type of writing that grabs a reader, and does it work for some genres or types of writers over others?

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